Wholesale 10 oz Horoscope Soy Wax Candles (set of 12)


Are you catering to a star-signed customer base? Impress them with these engraved horoscope designs. Each design is done by an artist in Thailand, offering a unique glow with every use, ensuring a memorable experience.

Each horoscope is paired with its own unique scent, carefully chosen to express the personality traits associated with the horoscope it represents.

Included In This Package:

  • 12 x Engraved Coconut Soy Wax Candles (1 of each horoscope)
  • 12 x Safety Stickers affixed to the bottom of each candle (scent name not included)

Key Features:

  • Horoscope-based:¬†Perfect for horoscope and tarot enthusiasts.
  • Unique Design: Professionally hand-drawn by a Thai artist, providing a one-of-a-kind candle experience.
  • Permanently Engraved Design:¬†Guaranteeing an attention-grabbing retail experience.
  • Refillable Design: Intended to be refillable with our refills, extending the candle's lifespan.

Ideal for:

  • Product Lines
  • Metaphysical Enthusiast Stores
  • Birthday Gifts
  • Everyday Candle

Candle Specifications:

  • Price: $16.09 per candle
  • Volume: 9 oz without lid 7.5 oz with lid
  • Dimensions: 3.11 inches in diameter and height
  • Longevity: Provides over 40-50 hours of burn time
  • Production: Hand-poured in Calgary, Alberta
  • Materials: Coconut Soy Wax, Wood Wick, Premium Fragrance Oils


  • Our horoscope candles are a perfect addition to any unique candle offerings, and we recommend pricing them at $30 or higher to match their distinctive value and appeal.

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