Wholesale Soy Wax Candle Refill (Set of 12)


Introducing our innovative candle refills, meticulously crafted to complement your product range and offer customers an economical solution for replenishing their engraved candles. These refills not only extend the lifespan of your branded candles but also reinforce brand visibility, cultivate customer loyalty, and maximize your marketing investment by promoting multiple uses of a single candle.

Included In This Package:

  • 12 x Coconut Soy Wax Candle Refills.
  • 12 x Instruction Cards to accompany each refill.

Key Features:

  • Extends the life of your branded candles
  • Cost-effective option for consumers
  • Enhances brand visibility and customer loyalty
  • Maximizes marketing investment through repeated candle usage
  • Increases opportunities for QR code engagement and voucher utilization
  • Boosts brand recognition through repeated exposure to your logo on a single candle

Ideal for:

  • Expanding your product range
  • Offering a sustainable and cost-effective option for customers
  • Enhancing brand visibility within customers' homes

Refill Specifications:

  • Price: $8.75 per refill
  • Volume: 7 oz
  • Dimensions: 3.11 inches in diameter and height
  • Longevity: Provides over 40 hours of burn time
  • Production: Hand-poured in Calgary, Alberta
  • Materials: Coconut Soy Wax, Wood Wick, premium fragrance oils

How It Works:

  • Customers purchase a refill kit.
  • At home, they simply wipe out their engraved candle jar, removing the old wick holder and excess wax. 
  • They effortlessly slide the refill into jar and lights refill. Wax flows down side of refill and "attaches" itself to the jar.

Please Note: These refills are exclusively intended for use with our engraved candles and may not be compatible with other candle containers.

Pricing Strategy: Refills can be retailed for $15 or more. We recommend pricing them at half the cost of your engraved candle collection to incentivize higher conversion rates.

Add Refills To Your Line

Introduce refills to your candle line to elevate the uniqueness of your custom candles. Extend their presence in homes with these exclusive refills.