Custom Engraved Candle Jars *EMPTY* (set of 12 candle jars)


Elevate your brand presence with our exclusive line of custom laser-engraved candle jars. Carefully crafted to showcase your logo with sophistication, these candles leave a lasting impression. Perfect for candle companies aiming for a unique marketing approach that captivates their audience. Each candle features a QR code (optional), seamlessly linking to your chosen product, review, or even boosting engagement on your social media platforms. These jars are specifically designed to accommodate our refills, offering a brilliant upselling opportunity to bundle them together and extend your brand's presence in people's homes.

Included in this package:

  • 12 x Custom Engraved Coconut Soy Wax Candles
  • 12 x Bamboo Lids

Key Features:

  • Permanent Custom Engraving: Unlike regular candle jars, our jars feature permanent custom engravings that add a unique, sophisticated touch to your candles.
  • Integrated QR Code: Make reordering easy for your customers. The scannable QR code directs them straight to your homepage, social media, or refill page, ensuring they can effortlessly purchase another candle or connect with your brand.
  • Brand Enhancement: Elevate your brand's image by offering candles in jars that showcase your logo or your clients' logos, making each candle a memorable keepsake.
  • Refillable Design: Allows for continuous brand presence in customers' homes.

Target Audience:

Tailored for candle companies looking to innovate and differentiate their product lines, and seeking quick reorders on their candles. These jars provide a unique opportunity to offer personalized, branded candles that customers can easily reorder by simply scanning the QR code once their candle is done.

Candle Specifications:

  • Price: $7.75 per candle jar
  • Volume: 10 oz without lid, 8 oz with lid
  • Dimensions: 3.11 inches in diameter and height

Engraving Details:

Please email us your logo or design in PNG format for engraving. We carefully review designs for approval and will promptly contact you regarding any issues. Note that we engrave exactly as the file is provided and are not responsible for spelling mistakes or design errors. Photographs cannot be engraved.


Please put order # in subject line.


Our custom laser-engraved candle jars offer a luxurious option, priced at $35 or more, providing a premium choice for your brand.

Important Notes:

  • Photographs cannot be engraved.
  • All custom candles are final sale.
  • Double-check designs for accuracy before submission as we cannot be held responsible for errors once production starts.

Add Refills To Your Line

Introduce refills to your candle line to elevate the uniqueness of your custom candles. Extend their presence in homes with these exclusive refills.