Partner with us for an alternative marketing practice. Standard advertising is now shoved down peoples throats and they're becoming evermore blind to advertisements. Consumers now look at companies that have lots of advertising and marketing, as a large, greedy corporate, tax evading money machine. It is a lot harder for consumers to trust companies due to profits being the number 1 motivator for these companies. We are here to change that. With our advertising service, we curate a candle line especially for you. We will be by your side step-by-step to ensure a transparent and successful ad campaign.

We will first start with collaborating with you as to what your target market is. (age range, gender, location, etc.) we will then work together to blend a fragrance for your candle line that will invoke a warm, inviting feel to your brand. Your brands logo will be laser engraved on the candle so it is permanently attached to the jar and it cannot be removed. Along with the engraved logo their will be a QR code that will lead to a coupon/promotion of your choice (QR code will be sticker). The candles will then be handed out to our targeted consumers, completely for free. The consumer will be enthralled with getting an all natural product for free and will naturally start asking questions about what we do. We will then promote the brands that we are advertising and let them know that there are incredible promotional codes that can be put to use to support local businesses. The consumer will take the candle home, bringing your branding with them, and will be apart of their interior design. Once the candle has been used, there are refills for the consumer available online so they can continue to refill the candle jar, thus, allowing your branding to stay in their home, indefinitely. The way this works best is all dependant on the quality of promotional code or coupon being marketed. For example, we sell 100 candles to ABC clothing company with their branding on it, and every candle has a promotional code for 25% off. The QR codes will all be scanned, leading to brand recognition and visitors to your page. Depending on quality of coupon, lets say 25% of coupons get redeemed. Those 25 sales should pay off the original 100 candle investment, gain customers that turn into repeat business, and those other 75 candles are still being lit in their houses with the potential they will eventually redeem coupon or share with friend.