All-natural, signature scents in a reusable, branded vessel for an unforgettable glow.


Experience all-natural, signature scents encased in reusable, branded vessels, igniting an unforgettable glow. Our commitment to sustainability shines through in every hand-poured candle, crafted from 100% coconut soy wax, ensuring an even scent distribution and a unique blend of fragrance complemented by the comforting crackle of cherry wood wicks. Embrace a full-sensory journey with each burn.

We take pride in sourcing our premium materials exclusively from Canadian suppliers, supporting local industries while maintaining our commitment to quality and sustainability. Our candles are meticulously crafted in Calgary, Alberta, ensuring every product is infused with care and dedication.

Rest assured, our premium ingredients never include parabens or phthalates, guaranteeing a pure, all-natural burn for up to 40 hours. Illuminate your space with our handcrafted creations, proudly made in Canada.